The Benefits of Seasonal Tire Storage

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In Ontario, our harsh winters and hot summers mean unpredictable weather. While seasonal tires are not yet required by the provincial government, they’re recommended for safer driving and can potentially save you money on your car insurance — but storing one set of seasonal tires while you use the other set can be tricky, unless you store your tires with us! Here are some of the benefits of seasonal tire storage at MTC Tire in Oakville:

1. Save valuable space

While some car owners decide to store their tires on their property, taking advantage of seasonal tire storage can help you save valuable space in your basement or garage. Four bulky tires can take up a lot of room, which you could be using for your car or for recreational items like bikes, sports equipment, and gardening tools.

2. Tires are secured

You may assume your tires are safe as long as they’re on your property, but that’s not always the case. Tires left in a shed without adequate locks can be stolen, and they can also be exposed to potential damage by surrounding objects. If something falls on your tires or a sharp object is located too close to them, they could be punctured, scratched, or otherwise damaged.

Tire storage can also help to keep you safe. Hauling heavy tires between your car and your garage or shed can be dangerous, so avoid the risk of injury by having someone else do the heavy lifting for you.

3. Tires are kept in ideal conditions

Because tires are made of rubber, you can’t store them just anywhere. Storing your tires in a high moisture area or storing summer tires where they’re exposed to below-freezing temperatures can cause cracks and other damage so that when you come to put them back on your vehicle in the spring, they’re unusable. If you store your tires in a tire storage facility, they will be kept in a temperature-regulated space and in conditions that will keep them in great shape throughout the off-season.

4. Tires are organized

While we store tires for many of our customers, we always ensure that we keep your tires organized and labelled clearly to avoid the chance of a mixup. This also makes it convenient for you when the new season rolls around. Whenever you want to have your tires changed, just come into the shop and we’ll get your tires out of storage for you!

5. One-stop service

At MTC Tire, we don’t just store tires. We sell tires and offer a range of tire and wheel services, from custom wheels to tire repairs, balancing, tire rotations, and tire changes. (We also offer a range of general car repairs services — so if you need assistance beyond tires, we can help.) When you store your tires with us, you won’t have to drive to another location to have your tires re-mounted or to have your wheels aligned. Our comprehensive auto shop and expert technicians are here to help with all of your tire needs!

Whether you need tire storage or any other tire services, contact the team at MTC Tire in Oakville.

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