Is your car pulling to one side or feeling unstable on the road? Are your tires showing signs of wear and tear? All of these problems may be signs that your vehicle needs wheel and tire servicing from a professional mechanic.

We can help with a range of problems related to wheels & tires, including:

MTC Tire Oakville is a comprehensive automotive shop, specializing in tire service and automotive repair. Our expert technicians have the skills and expertise to service all makes and models of vehicles.

Most importantly, we will always provide a Full Quote before doing any work on your vehicle. Our team will conduct a free assessment first and let you know what your vehicle needs and how we can help.

Make sure that your tires and wheels stay in top condition!

Expert Servicing for Wheels & Tires

Our expert technicians can help address a wide range of problems with your wheels and tires.Every vehicle is different and will have different requirements for servicing, but our team of professionals can identify the best option for your situation.

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View our full list of prices for wheel & tire services below:

Tires Services Price

Tire Repairs

From $35.00

Seasonal Tire Changeover On Rims


Mount & Balance Tire Under 18”

Mount & Balance Tire Over 18”

Mount & Balance Run Flat Tire

$27.00 each

$32.00 each

$39.00 each

Tire Balancing

$19.50 each

Four Wheel Alignment

From $139.00

Four Wheel Alignment (with purchase of 4 new tires)


Tire Rotation



*Add 13% HST to all pricing

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