How To Take Care of Your Car During COVID-19

 In Tire Shops in Oakville, Ontario

We know that staying home these days is the number one priority on everyone’s list. But there’s something else you should be considering while you start working from home, stop dropping your kids off at school, and cut down your commute times:

Keep driving your car!

The world is in a period of change, which means that some things are easily forgotten – like the fact that vehicles are sitting idle!

You are probably not driving your car as much, and it may be sitting for long periods of time.  This might be good for the environment, but it is bad for your car, and for your wallet – especially if it’s parked outside. Oil seals dry out, tires can develop flat spots, batteries can go dead but worst of all, your brakes will rust.

So what should you do instead?

Moving forward, it’s best to drive your car at least once a week – it’s essential to keeping it in good working order for when your normal routine is restored. And hey, at least it will get you and your family out of the house while still staying safe!

During your first drive after your vehicle has been sitting for weeks, the thing you’ll most likely notice is a vibration in the steering wheel and/or some noises when braking. Don’t panic! The rust will probably wear off after several medium-hard brake applications.  Take your car for a good spin with lots of braking and this should solve these issues.

If you do find yourself with further issues from your car sitting idle, please make sure to give us a call, as we’re open Monday-Friday for all of your tire needs and service repairs. Stay safe!

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