Make Friends with your Dipstick!

 In Tire Shops in Oakville, Ontario

There has been a lot of talk recently about late model cars burning oil and how the manufacturers are saying that this is normal, and to a certain extent, I would agree that this is the new “Normal”.

So, why are cars burning oil now?

  • 1. Thinner oils for fuel economy.
  • 2. Longer oil change intervals.
  • 3. Turbos and high revving 4 cyl. Engines.

There is a common misconception that if you follow oil change intervals, you should not have to check your oil level or that a light will warn you when you need more oil…. WRONG!
If your oil change interval is say, 15,000 klm, and your car burns some oil, it may end up dangerously low on oil before the next oil change and damage the engine!

So, what to do?

  • 1. Avoid super long oil change intervals.
  • 2. CHECK YOUR OIL!  About every fourth gas fill-up should do it, plus, you will impress everyone with your new found knowledge of dipstick etiquette.
  • 3. Have a full serve gas station check your oil – remember those?

That’s it.  These simple steps may just save you from an expensive engine repair and, reading this blog will give you excellent conversation topics for that boring garden party you have to attend at your mother-in-laws….

Til next time,


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