What’s up with Wheel Locks?

 In Tire Shops in Oakville, Ontario

Do cars need Wheel Locks?

Wheel locks have got to be one of the most misunderstood and annoying automotive parts ever invented.

What are they for? Why can’t I find the key? And why does my car have them?

Your car has them because the dealership wanted to make an extra 50 bucks when you bought your new car that was probably part of a “Security Package” or some other nonsense.

Theoretically, they are to stop someone from stealing your wheels and if you live in downtown Detroit then maybe yes, but seriously, when was the last time someone stole your wheels?

And if they really wanted your wheels, your wheel lock key is in the glove box, right? Ok, so you’re not really sure if you have a key or where it is but keep in mind that without that key, you cannot change the flat tire you just got on the 401. However, you will have the peace of mind knowing that no one will steal your wheels while you hitchhike to a garage!

On top of losing these wheel lock keys, these suckers seize on or break, sometimes resulting in great expense to have us remove them so here’s our advice…..

Remove the locks and throw them as far away from the car as they will go and have us put on some regular old fashioned lug nuts and you will never have a problem again. See, wasn’t that easy?

And we will never again have to ask you, “Do you know where your wheel lock key is?”

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